Monday, January 16, 2012

3d Siloh Print

So during my holiday vacation i though id take a wack at trying so 3d printing and my my amaze it was easy a super straight foward:

The reason i choose to go with Siloh was because his design is simple that i didnt have to spend too long modeling him and in term less i figure the simpler the less problematic with printing him. i build the model as i would any model, in fact i now have i model i can texture rig and animated if i wanted to which is awesome.

I just had to make sure the model was "watertight" meaning the shoulde be anyholes in the model as in if you were to dip the model in water, no water would actually go in inside it. The other prerequisite was that you cant have the thickness of any point of the model be under 7mm. That was it!
here are some shots of the print:

Was going to paint it be it looks really awesome just white so iam just going to leave it as it is.
Doing this little project has really open my eyes in a new direction i can take my work and will definately be doing more of it. Some Fishy Flounders and Red Law & Justice prints perhaps?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Red Law Speed Sketch

Still actively working on this comic idea. For now heres a sketch of Red Law