Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blue 02: Character Sketches

Still in the rough character sketches stage playing around with shapes and poses to get a feel for the character and start getting some direction.

Im really picturing the character as a stage performer of sorts that captivates her audience with her beauty and with her pocket watch she can hypnotized them to make them give her their valuables. She is suppose to be a villain in the story and that's something i want to come across the character design. Keeping the design more on the elegant side but still have a somewhat of a mischief under tone.

Now I can start asking my self questions and start gathering references. I want her to have a flower on her head but what kind of flower? What kind of stop watch does she carry? For her clothing I am going to be looking at flamenco dresses as i really like the layered bell shape I got from the sketch on the far left and corsets to add an edgy look.

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